Strathy Bay On the North Sutherland Coast – Scotland

Strathy Bay - O.S. Ref: NC 837 658

Strathy Point Lighthouse

The lighthouse at the northern most tip of Strathy Point is no longer operational, having been turned off  in March 2012 and the buildings are now all in private ownership.

Strathy Lighthouse

The lighthouse is relatively modern having been sanctioned in 1953 and commissioned in 1958. It was the first all electric lighthouse in Scotland and featured a twin horn fog signal and 250watt lamp with optics that gave it a 26 mile range. The relatively small, seven foot diameter lantern, is located on top of a thirty five foot high square tower and the station buildings are set out around a square courtyard with covered walkways to give some protection from the high winds on this exposed headland. It was manned until 1997 when it was automated and monitored remotely from the NLBs headquarters in Edinburgh.